I have a confession to make. While I love teaching elementary music there is one part of it that I absolutely abhor. Every fall I start to feel this dread. It creeps slowly upon me and reminds me of the ability I lack. It mocks me with its blank stare.

What is the hatred that consumes me? It is BULLETIN BOARDS! I cannot stand putting them together. I have no creativity and minimal desire to gain any. I think it has to do with my many years as a middle school teacher. I see so many neat ideas around me and I hang my head in shame as I look at my own feeble attempt.

Never fear though! I found a web site that promises to be my creative muse. It is Bulletin Boards for the Music Classroom. Everything I've seen so far gives me hope.

As you start your year off I hope you are in better shape than I. If not, head on over to this new found site and be encouraged!


08/05/2011 10:33pm

Love your blog! When I first started teaching I was so excited about B Boards. That quickly went away when I found out how much TIME they suck up!!!! I've given up and only put up ones that are purely educational and can stay up all year (like a wordwall, timeline, birthday board where the kids sign their name when they have their birthday!) and those things take up all my space!
Best wishes for a great school year. I'm hoping to add a teacher section to my blog so I can share because I get so much from people like you and feel like I give nothing back. : )


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