I know it has been forever since I've updated this blog but I'm still around. It is my full intention to keep updating. Just like everyone else, however, life has been full and exciting!

I need to go back and update my link pages but the last time I checked everything was still current. I hope they've been useful to you.

Here is a link I came across recently about the importance of music in education -
The Psychology of Music

Below is just one statistic that it reports. It is well worth your time to go read the whole article and send it on to other people!
Here are a few videos using Pachelbel's Canon in D. I'm going to try the 2nd one with my 6th graders this year - maybe...

There are a lot of really neat resources for students!

I have a confession to make. While I love teaching elementary music there is one part of it that I absolutely abhor. Every fall I start to feel this dread. It creeps slowly upon me and reminds me of the ability I lack. It mocks me with its blank stare.

What is the hatred that consumes me? It is BULLETIN BOARDS! I cannot stand putting them together. I have no creativity and minimal desire to gain any. I think it has to do with my many years as a middle school teacher. I see so many neat ideas around me and I hang my head in shame as I look at my own feeble attempt.

Never fear though! I found a web site that promises to be my creative muse. It is Bulletin Boards for the Music Classroom. Everything I've seen so far gives me hope.

As you start your year off I hope you are in better shape than I. If not, head on over to this new found site and be encouraged!
I've got about one week left, then I'm done!

I started recorders with 3rd grade this year and I'm not sure if it was the wisest choice! My ears are still hurting. They loved it though!

Most of my recorder students spent way too much time learning by ear this year. I really need to spend intensive time on reading rhythms and notes at the beginning of the year next fall.

With a 40 minute schedule I figured out that I lost over 9 weeks worth of classes! Nine weeks!!! It's no wonder my kids aren't where I want them to be.

I was hoping to have a summer music program but the response has been low so I guess I'm going to have to cancel. It is probably better in the long run but it is disappointing because I love what I do and I love sharing it with others.

Pray for me in the next week. I just found out that an elementary student of mine lost his life. This is not the way you want to finish school.
According to this report there may be a strong link...

The Georgia Project found that school districts in Georgia that made staffing and funding of their arts programs a priority tended to have higher overall rates of student participation in the arts, and higher rates of arts student retention. Such districts tend to have lower dropout rates in grades 9 – 12 and thus keep their students in school longer and graduate more of them. Students tended to score higher on achievement and performance tests, such as the SAT and Georgia High School Graduation Test. They tended to graduate more of their students with college prep diplomas, percentages increasing with diversity of arts curriculum and percent of students participating. While these findings do not prove a cause and effect relationship, they do indicate "strong arts programs need not come at the expense of academic achievement." Rather, the arts are an important factor in achieving academic excellence.

Executive Summary, The Georgia Project: A Status Report on Arts Education in the State of Georgia, 2004; Dr. John Benham, President, Music in World Cultures Program, Bethel University, St. Paul, MN (click here for source)

More articles like this can be found at www.supportmusic.com.