Last night was my Spring Concert for the 2nd and 4th grades. What a neat time! Everyone was all dressed up and so proud of themselves. Parents, grandparents, and neighbors filled the gym where the concert was held and a vibrant buzz filled the air.

I was so impressed at how well the children did, even before the concert began. In the weeks leading up to the concert the 2nd grade just sang their hearts out! And last night they did not fail to impress. They sang four songs (one of which was in a round), danced two dances, and stomped & clapped their way through one rhythm piece (a pretty difficult piece as far as second graders go). I would've loved for them to have put together more pieces with instruments but I just did not leave the time for preparation.

The fourth graders also did a superb job. Their road leading up to the concert was a little more bumpy though. They performed four songs (one of which was again, a round), three recorder pieces, one dance, and a rhythm piece. The rhythm piece was pretty neat. They did it in unison first, then in a 4-beat round, a 2-beat round, and then a 1-beat round. Very cool stuff! Their finale was a dance that almost didn't happen. I'll leave it at that.

I wish the parents could see everything that goes on in class. There is so much. I am so proud of the kids. I love what I do and I love seeing the kids enjoy themselves and making music!!!

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